How to Be Safe As a Solo Female Camping | How to Camp Alone and NOT be Afraid as a Woman *REALISTIC*

Camping alone as a solo female doesn’t have to be scary! There’s a way to camp and trail run to your heart’s content being confident and safe.

In order to trail run on different trails, I usually end up camping alone at trailheads or nearby new trail systems. Because I’m a Flight Attendant, usually my friends are working when I’m off so if I’m going to explore, I have to do it solo. I’ve been camping since I was 5 and now I feel confident enough to camp solo as a female.

Over the years of camping, I’ve learned some valuable lessons and things to do in order to stay safe as a solo female camper and trail runner. I hope you can find some of my tips helpful! These are things I actually do when camping alone. I love to camp and be outdoors so I don’t let the fear of being alone scare me out of it.

Thanks so very much for watching, enjoy!!